A’ Design Award: Platinum A’ Designs

yoshi bar 2nd Provisional Bar by Naoya Matsumoto

First of all I prepared six panels of reeds and put them the front back left right and the tops for the roof parts together with reeds. As a panel it doesn’t stand itself yet but putting them together and building them makes it possible to stand and gives us some space inside. Seen from the front of the stall structured randomly but systematically the stall It takes only a couple of days to build this type of stall and it can be built easily. I would like to have more opportunities to provide some spaces like this kind of temporary stall for the future project.

Systematically pieced together using six panels of reeds the yoshi bar by resembles a traditional gabled roof stall.The small shelter is held in place by the natural fibers which are grown in biwako shiga. The different panels are unable to stand alone but when placed next to each other they are supported to form the intimate enclosure. Offering snatched glimpses through to its interior the sculptural piece has an enchanting quality to it. Easily constructed over a couple of days the installation contains a bar where people can enjoy a relaxing and atmosphere and natural surroundings.


The Float Real Estate Agency by Kris Lin



We design architecture ,interior and landscape in this project. The case is a “Realestate Agency”, the name of the realestate is [Sky villa], so conceive the the concept with thus case name as starting point. And the project is located in Xiamen downtown, the conditions around the base are unfavorable, there are old apartments and construction site, opposite is a school, no landscape surrounded. In the end, with the concept of [Float], pull the sales center to a height of 2F, and create own landscape, a stack- level pool, so the sales center likes floating in the water, and the visitors go across large acreage of pond, and across the ground floor of sales office, walk to the back stairs and go up to sales hall. The construction is steel structure, building design and interior design seek the integration and unity in technique.


Images of School of Technology by Nuno Montenegro


The portico structure arises from the combination of the two programmatic requirements. The need to create a corporate iconic image, and the inclusion of a set of amphitheatres.

The key feature of this building is the massive portico that floats over the school gardens. The result is achieved in one of the largest concrete structures in the world.