The Lovemark- First crowdfunded monument of Love!

P. Makridis + Associates S.A. (PM+A)  designed the first crowdfunded monument of love.

The Lovemark, is an actual architectural structure / installation that will be constructed out of thousands love cubes contributed by thousands of people.

The Idea

People throughout history, desiring to express their love, have left their love messages and love marks everywhere: carved in trees, written on benches, locked to a bridge.

So, we said we’d give everyone a unique canvas to write their own love message on, and leave their own love mark. The canvas we chose is a the love cube, where you can inscribe your own personal love message.

Then we gave the idea a twist. We’ll collect all the messages, written in different languages, inscribe them on the love cubes, and then use them as the building blocks to create a unique global monument of Love: The Lovemark! The world’s first crowdfunded monument to celebrate love!

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The Architecture

The Lovemark will be an actual, physical architectural structure, built from top quality materials that have high corrosion resistance and strength in order to stand the test of time.

The Lovemark’s design has been created by European and US architects and is based on two discrete characteristics that blend harmonically: the robustness of a cube-shaped landmark and the softness and passion of a carved-out heart.

Since the actual building blocks are the individual love cubes, the final dimensions of the Lovemark will depend on the number of people that participate.



The team behind the Lovemark is truly diverse. We come from different countries, representing different cultures and professional backgrounds, speaking 12 different languages. We have all come together – architects, creative designers, volunteers and ambassadors – and joined forces to give people a chance to leave their Lovemark in History (










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