A home that will put you in a spin


A designer has developed a futuristic concept that solves the issue of housing inequality.

Taiwanese industrial designer Shin Kuo came up with an idea of a spinning apartment building for his thesis project at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, which he titled Turn to the Future.

The result was a building where each unit moves down a roller-coaster style track that wraps about a 27 story frame – offering ever-changing 360 degree views of the city around.


Turn to the Future
Spinning around: An industrial designer has come up with a new idea for a building with rotating apartments that offer constantly changing views of the city around


Turn to the Future-1
Rotating: The apartments are positioned on a track similar to a roller coaster and move on a ‘pre-determined schedule’.Once an apartment reaches the bottom, it is pulled back to the top of the building


Turn to the Future-3
Equal: Designer Shin Kuo said he thought up the idea as a solution to the problem of price differences between apartment units at the top of buildings (with better views) and those at the bottom


Turn to the Future-2
The best view: In Kuo’s ideal apartment, every resident would get the change to to have the penthouse apartment. Above, a mock up of a view from one of his units


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