Architecture & Parkour “New World Training Ground”

“New World Training Ground” is the name of the first authorized parkour training Ground in Greece, located in Neos Kosmos, Athens. Its establishment aims to provide a secure indoor area for people to learn and advance parkour techniques in a safe environment, under the constant supervision of its founder and all qualified trainers.

Architectonically, this project has been of great interest as it was both challenging and innovatory. Based on both the ethics and aesthetics of parkour, the setting of this endeavor begun with the correct choice of the indoor area itself, continuing with the study of materials, colors and volumes, in order to result into a playful, welcoming and safe sports facility result.

An area of two stages of approximately 100 and 50 square meters, each, were attentively designed to provide aesthetical bloom following all necessary safety regulations, relevant to the specific sport.

Metal structures, wooden obstacles, suspension ropes, tires, wear and tear on the walls emit a roughness that is balanced by the use of vivid colors on the walls and exercise instruments and the beautiful graffiti at the very entrance.
Strategic choice of color plays a supportive role in the use of space since it is responsible for both conscious and subconscious stimuli and emotions. Because colors are among the strongest pieces of non-verbal communication, they convey, directly, concepts and messages of utmost importance in creating the psychological mood that supports the function of a space.

Concluding many encouraging notes on blackboards, motif posters, and of course great amount of medals and cups present a working, living space with which they have been tied, a successful space for training safely and cheerfully before practicing the moves in the urban landscape.

Interior design: LandmArch.
Year of construction: 2015
Location: Neos Kosmos, Athens, GR
Client: Athens Parkour Academy
Architectural photography: Dimitris Kleanthis